Revealed: 5 Features of POS Software for Small Businesses in Canada

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Choosing the right POS software can make a big difference in your small business. It can lead to profitable operations and reduces frustrations that cost your money and time. In this era, thousands of points of sale software have evolved. In particular, Canada has the best software, each with features and processes tailored to meet the needs of different businesses. Despite the trend of POS software, most share certain must-have attributes. Here are great features you will find in point of sale software:

Share data

Transferring data is essential in every small business. POS software can link to accounting, customer service and marketing departments to ease data sharing process to enable every department to perform their work correctly.


Having this feature, you will be able to cloud-enable your software package. It gives you the ability to access to your business information in any device at any place. You can easily monitor how your employees are reporting to the job and the way they are performing even while at home or when travelling. By doing so, your business will offer the best customer service at the right time.

Search chart of accounts

It becomes difficult to search a specific item without wasting time scrolling down the table. The chart of accounts is always as large as it includes liabilities, income, assets, and report in one list. Having a search chart of accounts will make your work more manageable as you only need to type the keyword of the item. Thus, you will save time to offer to interact with customers.

Security protection

Security is a key to every business that produces a lot of transactions. You have to ensure your customers that their sensitive data are secure. In the olden days, people believed that small businesses have fewer resources to ensure security. However, technology has changed, and POS software has Data Security Standard (DSS) and Payment Card Industry (PCD) certification to protect customers’ data.

Advanced reporting

Preparing reports are essential to the success of your business. Integrated payments will allow you to link your department’s operations to the payment system. Thus, anytime customers make a transaction, the system shares the information across the organization making it easier and accurate to develop sales report.

Wrapping up

POS software has features that will improve your business operation. They are easy to set up and to use which results in accurate operations. Most point of sale software offers 24/7 customer support which will assure you of help at any time you may need.

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