Here Are 4 Best Points of Sale Software for Small Businesses in Canada

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POS software is a crucial programming tool in every business. It simplifies specific task such as automating, organizing and integrating typical financial transactions to help you run your business smoothly. Also, it can analyze and prepare reports which give you information to enable you to make an intelligent decision.  Point of sale software will benefit your business as you will reduce time to do calculations and also reduce errors.

In this essence, you will be able to organize your financial data professionally. With this, it will be easier to records bills, take payments, tracks credits and returns. Here are the 5 best POS software in Canada that will help you grow your business:

QuickBooks Pro

If you run a small business with a little number of employees, QuickBooks Pro could be the best for you. It makes it easier to create invoices and track expenses. Its features are designed to cater to a small number of customers. With QuickBooks, you can perform different activities in your business within a single integrated suite. These activities include account payable and account receivable, expenses and payroll management as well as projecting accounting.


Are you looking for POS software which integrates with back-office sales and services process? If yes, NetSuite should be your consideration. It offers services that perform enterprise resource planning and customer resource management.  Also, it has a financial application for inventory management, order and billing management, financial accounting as well as financial reporting and analytics. The best thing with NetSuite is that it is web-based. Thus, it is capable of running on different internet browsers.


Peachtree works well with small-sized business in Canada. Its features enable it to offer maximum security during transactions as well as analyzing and reporting. Also, it manages inventory and provides billing and invoices. Most entrepreneurs in Canada use Peachtree as it integrates with Microsoft excel enabling them to convert their financial report into PDF format or export them to excel spreadsheet.


Quicken is a great tool that manages financial accounts and investments in one place. The built-in features of Quicken enable you to ensure security in your system. It does a great task in calculating credit scores and providing alerts for securing your business from theft. The good thing about Quicken is the ability to automatically search information from other systems and set up into your business.

Final thoughts

As you can see, there are several POS software suitable for small businesses. So, you have an excuse to operate your business and prepare reports using manual means.

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